It’s more than us, you,
the lungs kneeling in the street
submission and worship
those who love and loved you
the weight of your naked hearts
your past lives on loop
the death on loop
or your ghost passing hand to hand
through the Third Ward––

It’s auditions for the dream
and the nine minutes of fame
televised 24/7
diaphragms of the jury pool
silence, torture, and air hunger
summers in hell
fires in a developed world
America or Samaria
the law of retaliation
lingo and
God and nature
the kids, the plague, the…

Study of a Modern Man

Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon, Study For Portrait X, 1957

The modern man told me he was gonna buy a gun the day the president walked through the burnt down church––
That night, the modern man stripped naked and
French kissed the arsonists and the priest
He prays for grace, sacrifice, and slaughter, for angels to swing down
with harps and guillotines
He is the falling sky and the invisible wolf
He is the center of the universe
He cannot be held accountable
He hijacks truth and reason
He manufactures new realities the way a snake sheds skin
He lives secret lives
He wants to keep you locked inside while he has orgies in the street
with your…


We suffer because the system seems unchangeable…

Dear President Geisler and Fellow Adjuncts at Manhattanville,

I, too, am grateful to be a part of the Manhattanville community. I’ve been turning to the community for hope and inspiration for more than a decade. First as a student, then as an adjunct. Teaching is, by far, the best and most rewarding job I’ve ever had the pleasure of keeping. There is nothing better than engaging students’ ideas and sharing with them the spark for reading and writing critically. Of course, leaving the classroom for…

Photograph by Philip Montgomery

If the media failed to report on Cuomo’s nursing home massacre back in May (when many of us were talking about it) — it stands to reason then that something like the Hunter Biden story might soon populate their headlines now that the election dust has settled.

Take election fraud for example. It’s instantly shot down as “conspiracy” among friends and throughout the media. Mention of it got many censored and or banned from multiple platforms. But it didn’t take long for a place like Time Magazine to literally say:


I complain a lot about the media — editors, magazines, journals, newspapers — and what have I done about it other than reject it?

For almost a year now, I have sworn off pitching any stories anywhere. I have withdrawn all book samples and query letters from agencies. I think the publishing world is thoroughly rotted. I think it’s become a popularity contest based on twitter numbers and hashtag trends. I think too many publishers, editors, and agents have become increasingly beholden to overly polished and fleeting trends than to risk…


THE FUCKING LUNATIC: Watching people cheer for censorship frightens me infinitely more than encountering frightful language.

THE INTELLIGENT FRIEND: Fundamentally, I agree with you. However, in this case two things seem clear to me.

1. The President continues to fan the flames using egregious lies and hostility. His words are weapons that he refuses to holster. In fact, he continues to build his arsenal to stabilize his fracturing ego. This is proving to be dangerous to allow.

2. If he wants to continue to operate with…

Paradin, Claude, 1551: NEC FAS EST, NEC POSSE REOR

“Slave screams / he hears but doesn’t want to listen”

— Nine Inch Nails, Happiness in Slavery

“The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out.”

— Dave Chappelle

“Now, I’m living in this temple / where they tell you what to do”

— Leonard Cohen, On the Level

This is for my heroes who will denounce me as soon as they hear what I have to say.

This is for your heroes, too, who won’t hesitate to denounce you once it’s the cool thing to do.

This is…

Revisiting West’s Sunday Service Record on Easter


For years, Kanye West’s Twitter avatar was the George Condo painting of Kanye’s screaming, severed head with a sword shoved through the ear. It was a fitting image for an artist who’s made a tradition of saying exactly what he wants, even when it seems as if he’s been cast outside of the mainstream’s good graces — that, no matter what, he will be heard. Even if West has since traded the severed head avatar for a more peaceful rendering of Earth, he still makes it clear that he refuses to be silenced…

The Joy Feed

KILL YOUR JOY FEED –– Dr. Shane Cashman is the author of JOYLESS KINGDOM available @

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